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B: Now, come and sit here, and I'll examine your eyes. Well, your eyes look very red. A: Well, I've been reading late every night, as I'm coming up to exams. B: Try not to rub y o u r eyes, even if they itch, and don't bum the candle at both ends4. Put the drops in twice a day, m orning and evening. B: I'll just take a look. N ow I'll move m y pencil. Keep your head s till, but follow the pencil w ith your eyes I'll just pull up your eyelid to have a look.

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Please look down. Now look up. N ow look to the rig h t N o w to the left. A: Does everything look all right? B: You have an infection.

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You m ust have rubbed your eyes with a dirty towel, or dirty hands. A: I can't rem em ber doing that, but I did go swimming.

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Normally I always use eyedrops afterwards, but this week I didn't, because my eyes were too painful. A: Can you give me anything for it? A: I'll do that. Substitution drills eyes 1. When did you last have your earS 1 checked? You must have rubbed your eyes with You must a dirty towel, dirty hands. Is the pain still as bad? Can you stand up straight? I'll manipulate your back to relieve your pain. D on't do any violent physical exercise, o r lift any heavy weights. Put a board on top o f the mattress on your bed w ith just a sheet over it, and don't sleep on the sofa. It was so bad that I fell to the ground, and couldn't get up.

B: Is the pain still as bad? A: Yes, it is. A t firs t I fe lt faint, and broke out in a cold sweat. Now, I don't feel faint any more, but the pain is still excruciating. B: OK.

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Can you stand up any straighter? This is the best I can do. B: Please lie down and I will see if I can feel anything.

W hat sort of pain is it? It's very painful and it shoots down my leg. B: W ell, it's p re tty certain that you have a slipped disc. First I'll m anipulate your back to relieve your pain. A: W ill it be very painful? B: Don't worry. It won't h u rt at all because we use certain acupuncture points to suppress the pain. The treatm ent seems to have worked4.

B: Do you s till have any pain at all? Is there anything that I can do to help? Don't do any violent physical exercise, or lift any heavy weights. Put a board on top of the m attress on your bed with ju st a sheet over it, and don't sleep on the sofa.

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A: I see, doctor. How long should I do this for? B: I'm afraid you'll always have to do this. But when your back is better, you don't need to continue to sleep on the board. It's very im portant that you do as I say. It was so bad th a t I fell to the ground, and couldn't get up. W hat sort o f pain is it? My brain doesn't seem to be w orking well today.

It's pretty certain that you have 2. It's very important that you 3. Can you lie down and I'll a slipped disc, diabetes, pneumonia, a macrocytic anemia. I feel much better now, doctor. The treatment seems to 7. Read the following passages carefully, and describe what has probably happened 1. Traditionally, Chinese people only used to pay the doctor while they were well and they used to go to their doctor fairly regularly, you know, maybe four or five times a year, and they would only pay the doctor when they were kept well.

Well, holistic medicine takes into consideration the whole of the person. I can see from your X -ray that your femur is broken in several places. You'll have to stay in hospital fo r about four weeks.


Your leg w ill have to be in traction. W e'll make sure that you get the best possible treatment. Lie here, and don't move your leg. Someone will come for you to take you to the O perating Theatre.

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B: A ll right, doctor. A: W hen you wake up, your leg will be in plaster, and you'll have to stay in hospital for about four weeks. B: W hy do I have to stay in hospital so long? So we can't let you go home. But, every day the nurses will w heel1 you into the Day-Room2, or if the w eather is nice, into the garden, and we'll make sure that you get the best possible treatm ent. B: Yes, I'll make sure it's done right away. B: It's very painful. A: Now the anaesthesia has worn off. We'll give you some strong painkillers. It's norm al to have a lot of pain at this stage.

B: H ow long w ill this pain last?