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Pozo Negro. San Nicolas. Top Attractions in Gran Canaria. Sort by:. Traveller Favourites. Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria. See 6 Experiences.

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Playa de Las Canteras. See 19 Experiences. Palmitos Park. See 20 Experiences. Pico de las Nieves.

See 10 Experiences. Playa de Maspalomas. See 5 Experiences. Playa Puerto Rico. See 7 Experiences. Roque Nublo. See 8 Experiences. Barranco de Guayadeque. See 3 Experiences. Playa de Mogan. Beach Gui-Gui. Mogan Mall.

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The Market Puerto Rico. Sioux City Park. See 1 Experience. Anfi Playa. See 9 Experiences. El bufadero de La Garita. Playa de San Agustin.

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See 4 Experiences. Apart from individual sessions of tantra massage we also offer workshops in tantric massage techniques, sacred sexuality and creative sexuality to develop and promote healthy and expanded sexual awareness. Tantra - Sexual Healing is an energetic, psychic and spiritual process which uses special techniques to release blockages, activate the centers of power, distribute the sexual energy and release of sexual sacred spots where people accumulate and retain their energy. There are several main reasons why our energetic system is getting blocked: Mental - emotional Spiritual Physical - chemical - biological.

In either case they block and prevent smooth and harmonious flow of this subtle, spiritual and physical energy through our body, which literally forces the system to take the energy from other points, centers, nadis and others. When the energy system is forced to extract energy for long period of time from these power points then this will manifest itself in the physical body as imbalance and disharmony on many levels reaching eventually more physical level and showing itself as a disease.

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And here comes Massage Tantra - Sexual Healing. First of all it is a wonderful experience and secondly it is very effective in adjusting, balancing, harmonizing and unblocking all of these points which prevent smooth flow of the energy throughout the body. Massage Tantra - Sexual Healing is one of the best ways to open yourself emotionally and sensually.

And it is one of the most beautiful and exquisite gifts you could give yourself. To all this kind of questions you just have here your best answer.

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By the way, we stay close to the main Shopping Centers in Maspalomas. Nearby of the main Hotels of the Gay life in Maspalomas. You can choose the right Massage for all types of aches and pains, to detoxify the body or simply recharge and revitalize. Of course, the choice is completely up to you.

Also, we offer private sessions for all Massages and beauty treatments. Indeed, one of our specialties is Massage Maspalomas Gran Canaria Massage, for when you need to relax and recharge to make the most of your day. Mostly of prices are cheap.

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By the way, Massage offer is composed. And, of course, free aromatherapy included in the Maspalomas Gran Canaria Massage treatment.

First of all, Vincent has dedicated the last few years since , to practicing and developing the Art of Massage for Men, after starting his career as a chiropractor apprentice.